We play an active role in managing risk and identifying opportunities

We are active wealth managers, and so are the managers we hire to work for our clients. It stems from our core belief that controlling and managing risk within a portfolio is the top priority.

Since global stock markets will remain volatile and we will continue to see the occasional recession and ensuing bear market in the years ahead, active management to reduce risk exposure will be essential to superior returns.

Strategies designed to mitigate risk and protect your capital

Once we’ve built your portfolio, we then manage each position to protect capital. Our focus is to generate superior absolute returns over time and reduce risk through several strategies.

First, is the tactical allocation of stocks, bonds and cash. We will move investor capital from stocks into more cash and bonds to make portfolios more ‘defensive’ and less risky if the market changes.

Third, is to focus on sectors that are showing positive momentum and reduce/ignore sectors that are showing negative momentum. This active sector rotation enables us to minimize exposure to ‘weak’ sectors and emphasize sectors with stronger momentum.

Let’s not forget about growth

As growth managers, we seek out solid companies with higher return-on-equity/cash flow and balance sheet growth at reasonable prices. We focus on building a diversified portfolio of leading growth companies that achieve higher and consistent growth over time and outperform the market. We also use technical analysis or the study of pricing trends to help improve the timing of our buy and sell decisions.

Keeping you fully informed

We engage our clients and work with them closely over time to keep them informed and focused on their long-term objectives. Our clients enjoy a high degree of transparency when it comes to our portfolios, with 24/7 online access to their accounts, regular communication and a high level of one-on-one service and feedback.

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